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Are There Geckos in Your Garden?

In this Balinese story, the Gecko is having a hard time getting any sleep. Listen to the story to find out why and then find out how many animals you can spot in your area. 


  •  Download the app iNaturalists from the California Academy of Sciences. 

  • Head out to an open area with vegetation such as your backyard or a park trail.


  1. When you spot an insect, lizard, frog, a bird, or other wildlife, open the app iNaturalists.
  2. Take a photo using the app.
  3. iNaturalist will automatically generate suggestions to identify your critter based on your photo and location.
  4. You can then share your observations with the community to discuss and confirm your findings.
  5. Your observation may be vetted as Research Grade and shared with scientists working to better understand and protect nature.