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Make Your Own Seal Script Stamp

Objective: Make your own seal script stamp and use it to "sign" a decorated postcard.


Seal script practice sheet
1-inch-square piece of craft foam or thick cardboard
An old building block or Lego brick

Cardstock cut into 4 x 6-inch postcards
Drawing and coloring implements
Pen or a pencil
Address of someone you’d like to connect with
Postage stamp


  1. First, practice writing seal script characters using the provided practice sheet. After finishing the sheet, look over the characters and note: Do some of the characters resemble the objects or ideas they represent? Which ones? How?

  2.  Choose a favorite character from the practice sheet to create your own seal. It could be:

    • a character you think represents you,
    • a character you find visually pleasing,
    • or a character that brings up a good memory.

  3. For example, our image gallery shows the character for “fire” etched into a foam square with a pencil. If you don’t have foam, you can use a piece of thick cardboard.

    Note: If your chosen character isn’t symmetrical, you need to etch it backwards on the foam. That way, when you use it as a stamp, the character will read correctly.

  4. Glue the foam square onto a small wooden block or a Lego brick. Now it’s ready to be used with the stamp pad.

  5. A piece of blank cardstock can be decorated to become a postcard.  Draw and color in a landscape, a portrait, or a design on this side of the card. Then use the stamp and inkpad to “sign” your artwork.

  6. On the other side of the card, you can write a message to a friend or a loved one.  Address the card and add the postage stamp (see activity pdf in sidebar for a sample postcard).

  7. Mail your postcard to catch up with your friend or loved one!