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Create Your Own Kimono Doll Finger Puppet

Objective: Create your own kimono doll finger puppet using this template.


6”x 3” precut paper for kimono, 4”x 1/2” precut paper for obi (sash worn around the waist), scissors, glue, color pencils; Template: Create Your Own Kimono Doll


  1. Cut out all the patterns from the left.
  2. Take a piece of paper (6”x 3”) kimono and decorate it using colored pencils. Fold backward on top.
  3. Following the visual instructions (download above) wrap the kimono around the body and glue it.
  4. Take 4”x 0.5” paper for the obi ( literally “sash”) and paste it around the waist of kimono.
  5. Paste the head on the body.
  6. Paste the longer hair on the back of the head and the shorter hair to the front.
  7. Using a pencil, draw eyes and mouth.