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The best of Asian art at the tip of your fingers for use in the classroom or at home.

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The best of Asian art at the tip of your fingers for use in the classroom or at home.
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Brushpainting Activity
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Create your own brush-painted masterpiece. 

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Rama epic

An introduction to the Rama epic produced for the Asian Art Museum by filmmaker and cultural historian Benoy K. Behl, featuring performances from across South and Southeast Asia.

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Shadow puppet of Rama, from the Thai version of the Ramayana, 1900-1950. Thailand. Painted perforated leather with wooden handle. Gift of the Randall Museum Friends, 2010.534.
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Rama kills the demon warrior Makaraksha in combat, approx. 1790. India; Himachal Pradesh state, former kingdom of Guler. Opaque watercolors on paper. Asian Art Museum, Gift of Margaret Polak, 1992.95. Photograph © Asian Art Museum.
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Story of the Month


Asian Art Museum Storyteller Leta Bushyhead tells a scene from from the Rama epic (Ramayana) with the use of artworks in the museum's collection. Discover more fresh takes on this ageless tale in the exhibition, The Rama Epic: Hero, Heroine, Ally, Foe.