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Teacher Workshops

Past Teacher Workshops

Spring 2022

Workshop: Intersecting Threads of Identity in Art

How do gender roles, sexuality, and socioeconomic status depicted in art affect how we perceive artworks or artists? How do viewers’ own gender, sexuality, and status shape their interpretation of art? This workshop will explore two exhibitions, Weaving Stories and Seeing Gender, that grapple with these questions. Museum curators and educators will share classroom activities that use art to explore the theme of intersectionality.

Fall 2021

Workshop: Visualizing Social Justice

How might students use art to further the social justice causes they’re passionate about? This workshop for teachers is designed in tandem with the two-day public symposium After Hope: Future Forms and Alternative Methods (see below). The teacher workshop, with artist Shaghayegh Cyrous, will help educators translate the content of the symposium into tools and resources for guiding middle and high school students in visualizing their own social justice stories.

Spring 2021

Learning and Unlearning Our Histories

We invite middle and high school teachers to join us for this three-day summer institute on art and place-making as tools for learning and unlearning history. We’ll share resources, activities, and ideas that you can use to encourage students to explore their identities and find solidarity within their communities. Learn how culturally specific museums like the Asian Art Museum and the Museum of the African Diaspora can support you in implementing California’s recently approved Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum.

Spring 2020

Workshop: Asian American Women Artists, Past and Present

We’ll learn about the impact of Asian American women artists from the Bay Area, past and present, in this virtual workshop featuring guest artist Jenifer K Wofford. Wofford, a Filipina American artist and educator based in San Francisco, will talk about her mural Pattern Recognition, the first commission for the museum’s new Lawrence and Gorretti Lui Hyde Street Art Wall.