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Museum Guidelines


For Students

  • Do not touch the artwork, pedestals, or display cases. Some objects are thousands of years old, fragile, and/or sacred.  Treat them like the precious treasures they are.
  • Stay with your group and adult chaperones.
  • Food, drink, candy, or chewing gum are not allowed in the museum.

For Chaperones

  • Stay with the students at all times. Chaperones are expected to ensure the safety and good behavior of the students.
  • On guided tours, follow the docent or storyteller's lead. Engage the students and assist with group management.
  • Respect other visitors by keeping voices at a conversational volume and walking when in the galleries.
  • Please use pencils only when writing.
  • Non-flash photography is allowed in the museum and collection galleries. Photography is not allowed in special exhibition galleries.

For Teachers

  • Request any changes to tour details (number of students, number of adults, start time, etc.) in advance.
  • All bags larger than 12" by 12" are not allowed in the galleries and must be checked at Coat Check as a group. Any essential supplies that you wish to take into the galleries must carried in a bag smaller than 12" by 12".
  • For guided tours: Make every effort to respond to emails and phone calls from docents and storytellers leading up to the day of your tour.
  • For teacher-guided tours: Plan ahead a gallery route, activities, and objectives for your visit. Visit the Educator Resources section of our website for activities, background information, and more.


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