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A man and a woman look closely at a case filled with netsuke.

College Virtual Guided Tours

The following programs are currently scheduled through December 2021.

Special Livestreaming Programs for High School and College Levels

Livestreamed docent tours are offered three times a day, Mondays through Fridays.
Tours are 40–45 minutes with a 5–10 minutes Q&A.

Start Time Windows
9:30–11:30 AM
11:30 AM–1 PM
1:30–3 PM

Tour Options

Awaken: A Tibetan Buddhist Journey Toward Enlightenment
Take a complex and fascinating visual journey through Buddhism’s most esoteric practices to attain enlightenment.

Demons and Creatures and Monsters – Oh My!
Learn about some of the fascinating mythical creatures, demons, and other beings that abound in Asian art.

Facing Mecca: Reflections of Islam in Art
Be fascinated by the variety and scope of art inspired by Islam – not just the religion, but also the Muslim culture and secular pursuits.

Genghis Khan: Hero or Tyrant
Ride with the Mongols and the Khans as they conquer vast empires. Learn about their culture through the art they created and adapted from other cultures.

Glorious Civilizations: An Exploration of Southeast Asia
Ten countries, numerous cultures, thousands of years. Explore the varied and intriguing art of Southeast Asia as reflected in the religious and secular art of this fascinating region.

The Goddess: Images of Power
Explore various cultural and religious manifestations of female deities.

Hidden Meanings in Chinese Art
Uncover some of the fascinating and fun meanings and messages hidden in Chinese art.

Hidden Unions: Art of the Himalayas
Delve into the complex and fascinating spiritually inspired art from the “Land of the Snow” as illustrated by protective and supportive deities in a myriad of forms and media.

Jade: Stone of Heaven
Learn about the mystic properties of jade, and why it has been prized for thousands of years.

Japanese Aesthetics: Exploring Japan’s Artistic Sensibilities
Luxuriate in this beautiful exploration of Japanese art and culture.

Lunar New Year
Welcome in the Lunar New Year by learning about the traditions and symbolism that enrich this celebration. This program changes yearly and can be booked January through March.

Masterworks of the Asian Art Museum
Discover what constitutes a “masterwork,” illustrated by some of the Asian Art Museum’s most important treasures.

Mind and Form: Images of Buddhism
Understand how buddhas and bodhisattvas have been portrayed throughout the ages and in different sects of Buddhism

Persia: Crossroads of Art and Culture
Uncover the unique artistic elements of ancient West Asian art, and its influence on art across Asia and Europe.

Seeking the Divine: Deities of Asian Religions
Images of gods and goddesses, buddhas and bodhisattvas invite you to ponder the power of transformation, and how different religions have visualized the divine.

The Silk Road: Globalization in the Ancient World
Travel the ancient routes that provided goods, technologies, and ideas to cultures from the Mediterranean to the Pacific.

Timeless Traditions: Expressions of the Divine in Indian Art
Explore the vast panoply of Indian art through the prism of its various major belief systems.

When the Tiger Smoked a Pipe: The Art of Korea
Discover the art of Korea in various media from multiple time periods.