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Make Bracelets Inspired by Indonesian Jewelry

Sumatra was often called the “Isle of Gold” in ancient Indian texts and inscriptions. Indeed, Sumatra’s extensive gold deposits gave it an almost mythic stature from India and China to Arabia and Greece. The most famous region for the manufacture and trade of golden jewelry lay in Sumatra’s northernmost province of Aceh, where these finely worked bracelets were produced.

Look closely at the designs below; what colors, shapes, and patterns do you see? Then gather the materials to create your own glittering bracelets!


  • Cardboard toilet paper roll
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape in a solid color
  • Metallic pens (gold, silver)
  • Glitter pens / glue


  1. Cut the toilet paper roll in half.
  2. Cut open each half-roll so that you end up with two “cuffs.”
  3. Cover each cuff in duct tape — this will make the bracelets sturdy and create a shiny surface.
  4. Use your metallic pens to make your bracelets “gold” or “silver.” You can either color in the whole cuff, or you can create a lattice pattern.
  5. Use your glitter pens/glue to add “rock crystals” to your bracelets. Then let your ink / glue dry.

Enjoy wearing your sparkling new bracelets!