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GRAINS a performance by Surabhi Saraf and Ian Smith-Heisters

GRAINS is an original audio-visual performance deals with expanding the sonic energy that resides in a single grain of sound. The performance explores the visual and sonic amplification of domestic food grains and their transformation into a collection of solid grains that flow like liquid as they multiply. Layering her vocals on top of the flowing grains, Surabhi Saraf weaves a rich tapestry of sounds, multiplied and fragmented, creating dynamic textures and immersive architectural soundscapes. It was first performed at the Asian Art Museum in May, 2013.

In this first-time collaboration with Ian Smith-Heisters, the visual space is transformed by projections that pulsate alongside the sound, magnifying the performance’s granular energy.

Performance duration: 20 minutes | Excerpt: 03:42 minutes
Vocals + electronics: Surabhi Saraf
Visuals + custom software: Ian Smith-Heisters