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Fold a Paper Lotus Flower

Content Standards (California)

VPA/VA 5.2.5: Assemble a found object sculpture (as assemblage) or a mixed media two-dimensional composition that reflects unity and harmony and communicates a theme; 
VPA/VA 6.4.2: Identify and describe ways in which their culture is being reflected in current works of art; 
VPA/VA 6.2.5: Select specific media and processes to express moods, feelings, themes, or ideas; 
VPA/VA 7.3.1: Research and describe how art reflects cultural values in various traditions throughout the world.


12 rectangular pieces of paper: four pieces of each: dark pink, light pink and green paper


(See Visual instructions)

  1. Choose four pieces each of dark pink, light pink and green paper and fold them in half.
  2. Fold all four corners into the middle crease.
  3. Fold both edges toward the center, then fold the center crease over again and repeat with all 12 pieces of paper.
  4. Lay each of the folded colors inside of one another with the green, which will be the leaf of the lotus, on the inside.
  5. Place the pinks in the bundles. The color in the middle will be the outside petal of your flower. You will have four separate bundles.
  6. Take each of the bundles and use a rubber band to “tie” them together.
  7. Make an “X” with the bundles.
  8. With the green on the bottom,separate the petals.
  9. Bend the first pink back over the middle of the “X.”
  10. Keep folding the pinks until all the petals are up. This is your flower.
  11. Fold the green leaves of the lotus flower down.
  12. You made a paper lotus flower! It’s yours to take home and enjoy.