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Create Your Own Samurai Helmet

Objective: Create a helmet out of folded paper, called origami. Decorate it with added embellishments and markings to simulate the patterns of lacing and other details.

Content Standards (California):

VPA/VA K.2.2: Demonstrate beginning skill in the use of tools and processes, such as the use of scissors, glue, and paper in creating a three-dimensional construction.; VPA/VA 2.2.5: Use bilateral or radial symmetry to create visual balance; VPA/VA 3.3.4: Identify and describe objects of art from different parts of the world observed in visits to a museum or gallery.


Samurai wore helmets into battle that appeared menacing and beautiful at the same time. They covered their heads from eyes to the tops of their shoulders, with ornaments and symbols of the lord they served.


Heavy red thread (embroidery floss, spool); red, gold, and other colored paper and foil; scissors, sequins & small feathers; glue stick; large eye needle; Black Kraft paper; pencils and assorted markers; Creating an Origami Helmet Diagram


  1. Look at the artwork Helmet with half-face mask and notice the how it is embellished with a feathered moustache and expressive red face. of lacing and other details.
  2. Use the Origami Samurai Helmet Instructions to fold your helmet. 
  3. Attach the chin ties using a large eyed needle with ribbon or thin cord and sew each side through the helmet. Knot the end of the ribbon to secure.
  4. Decorate your helmet.