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Silk and Spice Roads

Silk and Spice Routes School TourSilk and Spice Routes School Tour

Traveling along these trade routes, see how technologies, traditions, and luxuries were exchanged and assimilated into local cultures. Students will debate the benefits and dangers of land and maritime trade, barter for and become experts in objects they choose, and see which ideas and innovations are still important today.

Tuesday–Thursday,  9:45 AM or 12:30 PM
Program lasts about 80 minutes
Maximum 35 students

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Content Standards (California): History/Social Science: 

6.6.7. Cite the significance of the trans-Eurasian “silk roads” in the period of the Han dynasty and Roman empire and their locations.

6.6.8. Describe the diffusion of Buddhism northward to China during the Han dynasty.

7.3. Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the civilizations of China in the Middle Ages.

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