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Additional Links

Pan-Asian Resources
"An online resource that helps visitors explore critical questions about Asia and global themes. The site features scholarly content about Asia and US-Asia relations; expert K-12 teaching and learning strategies; and useful learning resources, such as maps, photographs, art images, glossaries, timelines and more."
"An online vehicle for Filipino American curriculum."

Office of Resources for International and Area Studies (ORIAS)
". . . a joint program of the Title VI Area Centers at U. C. Berkeley. Since its inception in 1996, the office has been dedicated to providing scholarly resources and supporting professional development for K-12 and community college teachers addressing international studies."

The Mandarin Center™
"Created exclusively for the needs of the Chinese education community, the Mandarin Center™ provides educators with a unique platform that features user-generated content critical to the success of Chinese programs in the U.S. While there are tons of resources out there for teaching and learning Chinese, The Mandarin Center™ directs users towards the highest rated materials on the market, so that they can find the resources they’ll actually use. The goal of the Mandarin Center™ is not to replace any of those great resources, but to give visitors the quickest access to the materials they need."

Pinoy Teach
"Pinoy Teach defies conventional content and pedagogy by merging multicultural education, teacher education, social action, and Filipino history and culture."

Program for Teaching East Asia (TEA)
"Conducts national, regional, and state projects designed to enhance and expand teaching and learning about East Asia at the elementary and secondary school levels. Specific projects focus on curriculum development, professional development for teachers, and curriculum consultation and reform related to Asia in K-12 education."

Society for Asian Art
"An independent support organization for the Asian Art MuseumFor over fifty years, we have offered a wide range of innovative, high-quality educational and cultural programs, along with social (and culinary) events where participants share their knowledge and enthusiasm. SAA's popular, college-accredited Arts of Asia Lecture Series, open to all, is the core of the museum's docent-training curriculum."

Stanford Program on International and Cross-cultural Education (SPICE)
". . . a program of the Freeman Spegli Institute for International Studies (FSI), [SPICE] is an interdisciplinary center at Stanford University that conducts research on key international issues related to security, political economy, the environment, and health policy. SPICE curriculum publications serve as a bridge between FSI and K-14 schools."

UC Berkeley Institute of East Asian Studies (IEAS)
"An Organized Research Unit that serves as the focal point for all of UC Berkeley programs related to East Asia and the Pacific. Frequently ranked first in depth and breadth among all such programs in the nation, East Asian Studies at Berkeley is a unique national resource and an invaluable asset for California and the West Coast."

Victoria and Albert Museum's Asian Collection
Include(s) objects from East Asia, South and South-East Asia, and the Middle East. The collection is "rich in a broad range of artistic media and illustrate many different aspects of religious, courtly and everyday life."

Web-based Instructional Materials Recommended by Educator Focus Group Participants

On March 28, 2009, the Education Department of the Asian Art Museum hosted educator focus groups with twenty-two K-12 teachers, to assess how we can improve and build upon our educator resources. Participants were given the opportunity to share their favorite curriculum materials and websites. We have compiled the educators' website recommendations below:

Asian Studies

Asia for Educators
An initiative of the Asia for Educators Program at Columbia University, this site provides an extensive database of educational resources on Asia, including curriculum units and online lessons.

UCLA Asia Institute
"Promotes Asian Studies at UCLA and fosters greater understanding of Asia through a wide variety of research support, public programs, and community outreach on East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia."

History/Social Sciences

BBC Religion & Ethics
Provides links to articles and programs on the belief systems of numerous peoples and cultures.

Bridging World History
“Professional development and classroom materials to support the study of world history. Bridging World History is organized into twenty-six thematic units along a chronological thread. Materials include videos, an audio glossary and a thematically-organized interactive” component.

Discovery Education
A database of online lesson plans and activities produced by Discovery Education®.

Facing History and Ourselves  
“Challenging times create economic and social pressures that can undermine our most basic values. For more than 30 years we have been offering teachers and students ways to confront prejudice, apathy, fear, and violence. By teaching students to think critically, to empathize, to recognize moral choices, to make their voices heard, we put in their hands the possibility—and the responsibility—to do the serious work demanded of us all as citizens.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute
"The King Institute’s Liberation Curriculum (LC) initiative seeks to inform teachers and students about global efforts to achieve social justice, human rights and liberation through nonviolent means, with special emphasis on the modern African American freedom struggle."

Mr. Dowling’s Electronic Passport
"Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport is a journey through time and space. Educators can download lessons and homework assignments. Mike Dowling teaches Geography at Roosevelt Middle School in West Palm Beach, Florida.”

Museum of the African Diaspora 
"An international museum, based in San Francisco, MoAD is committed to showcasing the 'best of the best' from the African Diaspora. To facilitate this, MoAD reaches out and initiates collaborative ventures with institutions of similar vision from around the world.”

Teaching Tolerance
"Dedicated to reducing prejudice, improving intergroup relations and supporting equitable school experiences for our nation's children. To us, tolerance is an ethic.  Web-exclusive offerings include downloadable curricula, other classroom activities and materials for youth and parents/guardians.”

Visual/Performing Arts

“The [online] museum is divided into several galleries: The Artchive, Glyphs Art Reviews, The Galleries, Theory and Criticism, Juxtapositions, Art CD-ROM Reviews, and Art Links.”

"ARTSEDGE — the National Arts and Education Network — supports the placement of the arts at the center of the curriculum and advocates creative use of technology to enhance the K-12 educational experience.”

Incredible Art Department
A resource for visual arts lessons by art teachers around the country.  Lessons often include photographs of students' works, rubrics and handouts.  Teachers who have used the lessons can post adaptations they have made to meet the different age groups or objectives.

Keeping Schools Colorful: An Art Education Resource Guide
A hub for resources on art education. Includes lesson plans, activities, and study guides.

Smithsonian Education
Search database of over 1,500 Smithsonian educational resources via keywords and state standards.

Visual Thinking Strategies
"Visual Thinking Strategies is an educational curriculum and teaching method which enables students to develop aesthetic and language literacy and critical thinking skills, while giving teachers a powerful new technique they can utilize throughout their career.”

Kid-Oriented Websites

Enchanted Learning
“Enchanted Learning® produces children's educational web sites which are designed to capture the imagination while maximizing creativity, learning, and enjoyment.”

National Geographic Kids
Geared to kids, the site includes videos activities and games related on history and culture.

The New York Times Learning Network
"The New York Times Learning Network is a free service for students in grades 3-12, their teachers and parents.”

TIME for Kids
"TIME For Kids is a weekly classroom news magazine that motivates kids to read! Issues cover a wide range of real-world topics kids love to learn about.”

Internet for Classrooms
“A free web portal designed to assist anyone who wants to find high-quality, free Internet resources to use in classroom instruction, developing project ideas, reinforcing specific subject matter areas both in the class and at home and even for online technology tutorials.”


Folger Shakespeare Library
"The Folger is a world-renowned research center on Shakespeare and on the early modern age in the West.”

"An educational alternative to other entertainment choices for children.”
Includes 150 teacher chatboards and over 4,000 lesson plans for K-12 students.

"TrackStar is your starting point for online lessons and activities. Simply collect Web sites, enter them into TrackStar, add annotations for your students, and you have an interactive, online lesson called a Track.”


Japan​-related Resources

Boston Children's Museum: Japanese House
Discover Japanese family life, customs, ceremonies, art, architecture and seasonal events in the fully functional 100-year-old house inside the Boston Children's Museum.

Japan Society: About Japan, A Teacher Resource
"This site provides educators and specialists in Japan Studies a space for sharing, discussing and developing teaching ideas and resources about Japan, especially as they relate to K-12 classrooms. The site features thought-provoking essays; classroom-ready lesson plans; an area for asking and answering questions; resources including historical documents, maps and images; and member profiles. In addition to user-generated content, the editorial team will develop original materials organized around different themes. We invite you to contribute materials of your own and join the discussion."

"An online database of Japanese cultural organizations, community exchanges, sports clubs, language groups, and business associations highlight the vibrant network of Japan-related opportunities in 12 states of the American Heartland."

Primary Source
"Primary Source promotes history and humanities education by connecting educators to people and cultures throughout the world." Discover resources for elementary school students on daily life in Japan on their website.