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Spiritual Journeys: Art and Culture on Pilgrimage Paths Across Asia (iTunes U)

A series of lectures in two parts (approx. 45 minutes per part)
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In this lecture series, renowned scholars from across the nation will discuss the art and culture on pilgrimage paths across Asia. Press the "View in iTunes U" button to view the lectures in this series. Lectures include:

Pilgrims of China: Searching for the Source of Enlightenment
Lewis Lancaster, UC Berkeley

If You Build It, They Will Come: Art, Beauty, and the Business of Running a Buddhist Monastery 
Gregory Schopen, UCLA

Encountering the Buddha: Relics, Images and Pilgrimage in Later Indian Buddhism
Robert Brown, UCLA

Borobudur: Following the Path of Sudhana
Mary-Ann Milford, Mills College

Pilgrims of China: The Return of Heroes
Lewis Lancaster, UC Berkeley

Worldly Benefits & Spiritual Power at Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites in Japan
John Nelson, USF

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