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Song dynasty (960–1279) to Contemporary China (iTunes U)

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A series of lectures in two parts (approx. 45 min. per part)
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Featuring an impressive roster of prominent curators and scholars, these lectures proceed chronologically from the Song dynasty (960–1279) to China's vibrant contemporary art scene. Lectures showcase the collection of the Asian Art Museum and reveal how the museum's masterpieces can deepen our understanding of Chinese culture, history, religion and the role of global cultural interchanges.

Press the "View in iTunes U" button above to view the lectures. The lectures include:

Chinese Painting and Calligraphy: Theory and Practice
Peter Sturman, UC Santa Barbara

Refinement Perfected: The Arts of the Song Dynasty (960–1279)
Robert Mowry, Harvard University

China under Foreign Domination: Liao, Jin, Yuan Dynasties
Hsueh-man Shen, New York University

Court Arts of the Mid and Late Ming Dynasty
Michael Knight, Asian Art Museum

China in the World - 500 Years Ago
Timothy Brook, University of British Columbia

Symbolism in Chinese Art
Terese Bartholomew, Curator Emeritus, Asian Art Museum

Suzhou, Yangzhou and the Grand Canal
Michael Knight, Asian Art Museum

Later Buddhist Art
Pat Berger, UC Berkeley

Who Were the Manchus: From Garrison to Court in an Early Modern Empire
R. Kent Guy, University of Washington

The Literati Tradition during the Qing Dynasty
Joseph Chang, Asian Art Museum

China in Transition: 18501949
Claudia Brown, Arizona State University

Revolutionary Ink: Six Decades of Chinese Brush-and-Ink Painting
Lisa Claypool, University of Alberta

Wrap-up of Chinese Art from Song to Contemporary
Michael Knight, Asian Art Museum

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