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Safeguarding Dunhuang for China and the World (Part 2 of 2)

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Join us for an inspiring afternoon with Fan Jinshi, steward and protector of the World Heritage Site at Dunhuang, China. This remarkable Silk Road oasis, where hundreds of exquisitely decorated grottoes hold China's most important repository of Buddhist art, is a splendid legacy for China and the world. Ms. Fan, Director of the Dunhuang Academy, has worked at the site for 49 years. An indomitable woman with a powerful vision for its future, she remains Dunhuang's guiding force, conserving its ancient murals and sculptures for future generations at a time when surging tourism threatens to overwhelm the site. Joining the conversation will be Asian Art Museum Trustee Mimi Gates, Director Emerita of the Seattle Art Museum, who has formed the Dunhuang Foundation to preserve Dunhuang and raise awareness about its artistic treasures.