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Poetry in Clay: Korean Buncheong Ceramics (iTunes U)

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A series of talks (approx. 20 minutes per talk)
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View talks by renowned scholars from the symposium which coincide dwith the opening of the exhibition, Poetry in Clay: Korean Buncheong Ceramics from Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art on view at the Asian Art Museum (September 16, 2011–January 8, 2012). 

Press the "View in iTunes U" button above to view the talks in this series, including:

An Overview of Buncheong Ceramics
Kim Youngwon, National Research Institute of Korea

From Goryeo to Joseon
John B. Duncan, UCLA

White Slip: The Essence of Korean Buncheong Ware
Robert Mowry, Arthur M. Sackler Museum

Reinterpretation and Re-creation: Contemporary Korean Art Inspired by Traditional Ceramics
Kyungja Hwang, Independent Scholar