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Patronage in Asian Art (iTunes U)

Dragon robe detail
A series of lectures (about 45 min. per part)
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The sponsorship of art by monarchs, merchants, and devotees throughout Asia will be explored. Lectures will focus on topics spanning Chinese patronage from ancient times through several of the most famous imperial dynasties (Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing) to Jayavarman VII (Angkor Wat), the Safavids in Persia, Jahanara Begum (Shah Jahan's daughter), and even contemporary patrons like the Samsung family.  

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Court Patronage in Early China
Amy McNair, University of Kansas 

Double Rams: A Pair of Unusual Shang Bronze Vessels from the Yangzi Region
Jay Xu, Asian Art Museum

Plum Blossoms and Parakeets: Rationales for Imperial Collecting in the Song Dynasty
Alfreda Murck, Independent Scholar

King Jayavarman VII of Cambodia: Personality and Ideology
Hiram Woodward, Walters Art Museum

Eye to the Future, Eye to the Past: Patronage During the Meiji Era
Anne Nishimura Morse, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Lucknow: Art, Patronage, and History
Tushara Bindu Gude, LACMA

Like Father Like Son
Mimi Yiengpruksawan, Yale University

Patronage During the Yuan Dynasty
Ankeney Weitz, Colby College

Jahanara Begam: The 17th C. Mughal Princess Who Could Be King
Afshan Bokhara, Independent Scholar

Indo-Persian Painter Farrukh Beg 
Keelan Overton, UCLA

Patronage and the Purification of All Negative Rebirths in Early Tibet: A View from Dunhuang
Jake Dalton, UC Berkeley

Making Merit: Art Patronage During the Pala Period
Robert Linrothe, Northwestern University

The Man Who Had Everythiing: Qianlong as Patron of the Arts
Pat Berger, UC Berkeley

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