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Passport to Asia: An Odyssey through Asian Art and History (iTunes U)

A series of lectures in two parts (approx. 45 minutes per part)
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A lecture series by renowned scholars on the arts of Asia—explore temples, palaces, and sometimes forgotten places of power, religion, and art. Visit world wonders not simply as tourists today, but as monks, monarchs, artisans and artistocrats, traders and explorers experienced them over the centuries.

Tap the black "Get it on iTunes" button above to view the lectures. The lectures in this series include:

Mysterious Creatures, Towering Trees and Lofty Figures in Sacrifice
Jay Xu, Asian Art Museum

Rethinking Chinese Han Dynasty Tombs
Patricia Berger, UC Berkeley

Exemplary Lives in the Buddhist Caves of Northern China 
Patricia Berger, UC Berkeley

Jingdezhen: Porcelain Capital of China and the World
Robert Mowry, Harvard University

The Forbidden City in Chinese Myth and History
Richard Vinograd, Stanford University

Persia: Ishfahan nisf-I jahan (Ishfahan, Half the World)
Sheila Blair, Boston College

Beyond Words at the Haein Monastery in Korea: An Event of Art as Writing
Lewis Lancaster, UC Berkeley

Joseon Dynasty (1392–1910) Palaces of Seoul, Korea
Kumja Paik Kim, Asian Art Museum

Where's the Zen: Art at the Daitokuji Monastery, Japan
Gregory Levine, UC Berkeley

The Best of the West in Central Asian Art: Or Blame it on the Sasanians!
Guitty Azarpay, UC Berkeley

Samarkand and Bukhara between the Turks and Mongols
Renata Holod, University of Pennsylvania

Women's Space and Place in Begram, Afghanistan
Sanjyot Mehendale, UC Berkeley

Utopian Space: The Stupa in India
Robert Brown, UCLA

Tibetan Temples: Samye Monastery and the Architecture of the Mandala 
Robert Warren Clark, Stanford University

The Dragon's Gift: The Sacred Arts of Bhutan
Terese Bartholomew, Asian Art Museum

Natasha Reichle, Asian Art Museum

Ancestors, Gods, and Tourists: Offering Up "Art" in Bali
Natasha Reichle, Asian Art Museum

Visions of Paradise: The Tradition of the Taj Mahal
Catherine Asher, University of Minnesota

Sensual Equations: The Aesthetic Geometry of the Temples at Khajuraho and Orissa
Mary-Ann Milford, Mills College

The Center Cannot Hold: Mandalay and its Failure 
Forrest McGill, Asian Art Museum

From Tamil Nadu to San Francisco: A Goddess, Her Guardian, Their Former Companions and Lost Home
Padma Kaimal, Colgate University

The Khmer Empire: Along the Royal Road from Phimai to Angkor
Dawn Rooney, Independent Scholar

30 Years of Contemporary Chinese Art: A Beijing Perspective
Wu Hung, University of Chicago

The Art and Architecture of Gandhara: A Cultural History
Kurt A. Behrendt, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Burma: The Three Jewels at Pagan and the Ananda Temple
Don Stadtner, Independent Scholar

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