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Painted Tales: Art and Narrative in Traditional Asia (iTunes U)

A series of lectures in two parts (approx. 45 minutes per part)
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A lecture series wherein renowned lectures from across the national discuss the relationship between art and narrative in Asia. Press the "View in iTunes U" button above to view the lectures in this series. Lectures include:

On Missing Links: Hanuman, Academic Scholars and the Study of Hinduism
Philip Lutgendorf, University of Iowa

Tales of Enlightenment: Painting Buddhist Narrratives in China
Patricia Berger, UC Berkeley

Performative Scenes: Chinese Drama & its Representations in the Arts
Stephen West, Arizona State University

Japanese Military Texts of the Heian Period 
John Wallace, UC Berkeley

The High Road & the Low Road: Varieties of Literary Travel in Edo Japan
H. Mack Horton, UC Berkeley