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Makrokosma Bali

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Watch excerpts from Makrokosma Bali, a new work from composer Wayne Vitale in collaboration with Sekaa Gong Taruna Mekar—a renowned gamelan ensemble from Bali under the direction of I Made Arnawa—and US-based visual and set designers. The work combines new music for gamelan orchestra with projected video and still imagery, digital-audio soundscapes, and an integrated lighting and set design. Makrokosma Bali contrasts the cultural values and cosmology of Bali with those of Western origin, exploring a range of scales from macro (galaxies) to micro (a human cell). A panoply of video imagery—people, landscapes, cities, rice harvesting, offerings, temples, the forging of red-hot bronze gongs—will be projected onto multiple screens and surfaces, brought to life through the virtuosic playing of Sekaa Gong Taruna Mekar.