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Maharajas: Political Theater and the Romance of the East (iTunes U)

iTunes U
A series of lectures (approx. 20 minutes per lecture)
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In this symposium, speakers will address various aspects of the maharajas' cultural patronage and its impact on Indian art and politics from the eighteenth through the early twentieth century.

Press the "View in iTunes U" button above to view the talks in this series, including:

Portraits of Nadir Shah: Kingship & Continuity in South Asia
Tushara Bindu Gude, LACMA

Fallen Royalty: Conquest & the Resumption of Sovereignty Under the Company Raj
Sudipta Sen, UC Davis

Rajputs and the Raj: Princes of Rajasthan and Kutch
Thomas Metcalf, UC Berkeley

The Buildings of the Begums of Bhopal: Islamic Architecture in a 19th Century Colonial Indian State
Barbara Metcalf, University of Michigan