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By Land and By Sea (iTunes U)

iTunes U
A series of lectures in two parts (approx. 45 minutes per part)
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Thanks to the Society for Asian Art's renowned Arts of Asia lecture series, speakers from the Bay Area and across the country will transport you across Asia by land and by sea.

Tap the black "Get it on iTunes"  button above to view the lectures in this series, including:

Foreign Devils on the Trade Road
Mary-Ann Milford, Mills College

Arts of the Silk Road: Merchants, Pilgrims, and Itinerant Artisans
Sanjyot Mehendale, UC Berkeley

The Golden Reaches of Samarkand: Trade and Cultural Currents in the Arts of Sogdiana
Sanjyot Mehendale, UC Berkeley

Han Dynasty: Trade and Ideas
Patricia Berger, UC Berkeley

Tang Dynasty: Trade and Ideas
Patricia Berger, UC Berkeley

The Electronic Cultural Atlas: A Guide to Trade Roads
Lewis Lancaster, UC Berkeley

Bronze Age Mummies of Eastern Central Asia
Victor Mair, University of Pennsylvania

The Jade Trade
Michael Knight, Asian Art Museum

Cultural Exchange During Medieval Times: Marco Polo and Khubilai Khan
Lauren Arnold, Ricci Institute, USF

Competition for Asian Trade Routes: The East India Company
Mary-Ann Milford, Mills College

The Leap from Medieval to Renaissance: A New Look at Chinese Influence
Lauren Arnold, Ricci Institute, USF

Why Did the King of Siam Send Japanese Goods as Gifts to Louis XIV and Other Puzzles
Forrest McGill, Asian Art Museum

From Mandalay to Faberge: Imported Luxury Goods for the Southeast Asian Elite
Pattaratorn Chirapravati, CSU Sacramento

Silk, Silver, and China: The Birth of Globalization
Dennis O. Flynn, University of the Pacific

Silk and Wool: Interchange of Art and Commerce between China and Tibet
Terese Bartholomew, Asian Art Museum

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