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From Historical Cartography to Mapping the World in the 21st Century (iTunes U)

A series of 4 talks at about 30 minutes each
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Join Dr. Laura Hostetler, visiting scholar at the Ricci Institute, as she delves into the history and cultural significance of a map produced in China by Italian Jesuit Matteo Ricci (1552–1610), while Dr. Ralph Ehrenberg from the Library of Congress will speak about a map by the Flemish priest Ferdinand Verbiest (1623–1688). Both maps are in the exhibition China at the Center: Rare Ricci and Verbiest World Maps at the Asian Art Museum (March 4–May 8, 2016). The program continues as former NASA administrator, Stephen Sandford, and Google Geospatial Programs coordinator, Ed Parsons, provide insights into the technology-run mapping processes of the 21st century and show how the way we view the world has changed over the centuries.
This special program was part of the international symposium Reimagining the Globe and Cultural Exchange: From the World Maps of Ricci and Verbiest to Google Earth organized by the Ricci Institute at the University of San Francisco from April 22 to 24, 2016 in conjunction with the exhibition China at the Center: Rare Ricci and Verbiest World Maps at the Asian Art Museum. This symposium was supported by the EDS-Stewart Endowment for Chinese-Western Cultural History and the Asian Scholars' Endowment at the USF Ricci Institute. 
Tap the black "Get it on iTunes" button above to view the following talks on the Asian Art Museum on iTunes U:
East Asian Map Collections in the Library of Congress: A Unique Source for the Study of Cartography and East-West Cultural Exchange
Ralph E. Ehrenburg, Library of Congress
China’s Maritime Claims: Perspectives from the History of Cartography
Laura Hostetler, Ricci Institute, University of San Francisco
The Transformational Power of the Vantage Space: NASA's Contributions to Cartography and International & Intercultural Exchange
Stephen Sandford, NASA (former)
A Global Selfie
Ed Parsons, Google

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