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The Dragon's Gift: The Sacred Art of Bhutan (iTunes U)

A series of lectures (approx. 20 minutes per lecture)
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View short videos, talks, and listen to an audio tour on the sacred arts of Bhutan. East of Mount Everest and bordered by India and Tibet, Bhutan is a remote and mystical kingdom, considered by many as “The Last Shangri-La.” A sovereign nation that has maintained its cultural, artistic, and religious traditions intact, it is one of the few countries in Asia never colonized by its neighbors or Western powers. The first exhibition of its kind, The Dragon's Gift provided an exceptionally rare opportunity to view some of the most sacred and beloved Buddhist arts in Bhutan. (On view at the Asian Art Museum from February 20–May 10, 2009).

Press the "View in iTunes U" button above to view all talks in this series, including:

The Story of the Dragon's Gift
Stephen Little, Honolulu Academy of Arts

Another Dragon's Gift: The Buddhism of Bhutan
Ariana Maki, Independent Scholar

Bhutan in the 21st Century
Watson M. Laetsch, UC Berkeley

Tango Monastery and its Artwork
John Ardussi, Independent Scholar

Restoring Bhutanese Thankas
Ephraim Jose, Honolulu Academy of Arts

Revealing Treasures: Buddhist Art in Bhutan
Terese Bartholomew, Asian Art Museum