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Chinese Calligraphy Symposium (iTunes U)

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A series of lectures (approx. 30 min. per lecture)
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The Asian Art Musuem and Society for Asian Art present a symposium on Chinese calligraphy in conjunction with the exhibition, Out of Character, Decoding Chinese Calligraphy (on view at the Asian Art Museum from October 5, 2012–January 13, 2013). Press the "View in iTunes U" button above to view lectures in this series, including:

Welcome and Introductory Remarks
Jay Xu, Asian Art Museum

Behind the Scenes: Decoding Chinese Calligraphy 
Michael Knight, Asian Art Museum

Creativity within Constraints: Zhao Mengfu (1254–1322) and Sutra-Copying Practice
Amy McNair, University of Kansas

Wu Dacheng’s (1835–1902) Calligraphy and Late Qing Intellectual Life
Qianshen Bai, Duke University

Imaging Texts: the Intersection of Images, Text, and Context in Chinese Calligraphy
Peter Sturman, UC Santa Barbara

Viewing Calligraphy at the Mountain Villa for Gazing Afar 
Joseph Chang, Asian Art Museum

The Guanyuan Shanzhuang Calligraphy Collection: A Conversation Between Jerry Yang and Michael Knight
Jerry Yang and Michael Knight