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Asia's Storied Traditions (iTunes U)

A series of lectures (about 45 min. per part)
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This lecture series, organized by the Society for Asian Art, explores narrative using Asian art—how myths, legends, histories and moral precepts have been transmitted through visual means. Topics range from sculptural reliefs and murals used to educate pilgrims at famous religious sites to works created primarily for entertainment. Contemporary storytelling is also addressed via lectures on Bollywood and manga produced by San Francisco's Henry Yoshitaka Kiama.

Tap the black "Get it on iTunes" button above to view the following lectures on the Asian Art Museum on iTunes U:

Puranas: The Inspiration for Mythic Tales Carved on Ancient Hindu Monuments
Mary-Ann Milford-Lutzker, Mills College

The Moral of the Story: Narrative Art in Early China
Patricia Berger, UC Berkeley

Storytelling With Pictures: An Asian Odyssey
Victor Mair, University of Pennsylvania

Displaying the Past: Pictorial Depictions of the Buddhist Myths and Legends of the Kathmandu Valley
Alexander Von Rospatt, UC Berkeley

The Badal Mahal at Bundi: A World Painted for Rajput Princes
Milo Beach, Director, Smithsonian—Freer & Sackler Galleries

Storyworlds: Architecture and Embodied Cognition in Japanese Narrative Scrolls
Melissa McCormick, Harvard University

“Where Is This Story Going?”: The Paradiegetic Pleasures of Popular Hindi Cinema
Ajay Gehlawat, Sonoma State University

Telling the Tales of Rama
Forrest McGill, Asian Art Museum

“Reading” the Ramayana Through Javanese Temple Reliefs
Natasha Reichle, Asian Art Museum

Henry Yoshitaka Kiyama and the Manga-Comics Nexus
Fred Schodt, Independent Scholar and Author

Nine Cloud Dream, Nectar Ritual, and Much More in Korean Art
Kumja Paik Kim, Curator Emeritus, Asian Art Museum

Stories Old and Untold in Edo Period Art: Implied and Informed Narratives
Timon Screech, SOAS, University of London

Text and Image: Early Buddhist Narrative Sculpture from Northern India and Gandhara
Kurt Behrendt, Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Same Me That Stands Here Now: Jataka Tales on Tenth Century Reliquaries
Eugene Wang, Harvard University

The Shahnameh of Shah Tahmasp: A 16th Century Royal Persian Manuscript
Sheila Canby, Metropolitan Museum of Art 

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