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Asian Traditions: Connections and Innovations (iTunes U)

iTunes U
A series of lectures in two parts (approx. 45 minutes per part)
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This lecture series examines the origins of traditions and how traditions are renewed, appropriated, and transformed over time.

Select the "View in iTunes U" to view the lectures. The lectures in this series include:

Durga's Avatars: From Warrior Goddess to 20th Century Heroine
Mary-Ann Milford-Lutzker, Mills College

The Tomb of Marquis Yi Zeng & the Archaeology of Ancient Chinese Music
Robert Bagley, Princeton University

Fresh Ink: Ten Takes on Chinese Tradition
Hao Sheng, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Beyond Golden Clouds: Japanese Screens at Home & Abroad
Janice Katz, Art Institute of Chicago

Transformation & Appropriation in the Art of Ancient Vietnam
Nancy Tingley, Independent Scholar

Margaret Mead & the Arts of Bali
Natasha Reichle, Asian Art Museum

Has the Moon Ever Driven the Chinese Mad? Reinvention of the Lunar Light in Chinese Art
Eugene Wang, Harvard University

Japanese Screens
Melissa Rinne, Asian Art Museum

A Once & Future Foe: Changing Images of Ravana
Forrest McGill, Asian Art Museum

From Past to Future: Tradition-Inspired Contemporary Asian Art 
Jay Xu, Asian Art Museum

Buddhist Art of Andhra Pradesh, India: Stupas, Colossi, & a Buddhist Theme Park
Catherine Becker, University of Illinois, Chicago

The Coins on Vermeer's Table: Dutch Merchants, Chinese Manufacturers, & the Birth of Global Trade 
Timothy Brook, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Andre Malraux's Buddha Heads: Sculptural Fragments and "Gothic Buddhist" Art
Gregory Levine, UC Berkeley

Tropical Paradise: The History of the Bali Collection in the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam
Pim Westerkamp, Tropenmuseum (Amsterdam)

Bronze Mirrors, Borard Games: Fending Off the Inauspicious in Ancient China
Lillian Tseng, New York University

The Paper Trail: How Paper Traveled from China Through the Islamic Lands to the West
Jonathan Bloom, Boston College

Beyond Indra's Net: The Latest on Network Analysis of Buddhist Texts
Lewis Lancaster, UC Berkeley

Chinese and Korean Ceramics: First Under Heaven...But Can There Be a Tie for First?
Robert Mowry, Harvard University

Timurid Art and Architecture in Central Asian and ites Relevance Today
Sanjyot Mehendale, UC Berkeley

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