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Terracotta Warrior Finger Puppets (activity)

China's Terracotta Warriors Finger Puppets

China's Terracotta Warriors Finger Puppets

10 - 20 minutes
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Materials: Felt Finger Puppets: Felt Finger Puppet Pattern; approx. four 6 x 5" pieces of colored felt fabric; scissors; needle and thread; felt glue; markers. Paper Finger Puppets: Paper Finger Puppet Pattern; 8 x 10" sheets of plain white paper or construction paper; crayons or markers; scissors; glue sticks.

Felt Finger Puppet Procedure:

  1. Cut out felt pieces using the Felt Finger Puppet Pattern.
  2. Put pieces together and whip stitch around the edges of the body to make a pocket for your finger.
  3. Using felt glue, glue the mustache onto the warrior’s face, and embellish the armor.
  4. Draw the eyes with markers.

Paper Finger Puppet Procedure:

  1. Color and cut-out terracotta warrior figure from the Paper Finger Puppet Pattern.
  2. Glue the tabs together to fit your finger.

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