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Make Your Own Japanese Teahouse Model (activity)

Japanese Teahouse Image

Japanese Teahouse Image


Make your own three dimensional Japanese teahouse model.

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glue sticks; scissors; tagboard; Floor Plan (see "Downloads" above)


  1. Floor Plan: Cut out the floor plan. Fold on the dashed lines. Glue the corners of the bottom flaps to form a box. Glue the bottom of the box to a tagboard surface.
  2. Teahouse Walls: Cut out each of the walls. Align dashed lines and tabs and tape the inside and outside of the wall back to back so that the illustrations appear on each side.Fold along all dashed lines. Cut out slots on walls 1, 2, 4, 7, 8. Special instructions for wall #6: Carefully cut out the section with a large “X” on it. Bend on the dashed line.
  3. Gate: Cut out both sides of the gate. Tape both sides of the gate together. Fold on the dashed lines. Glue the gate next to the left side of the front wall.

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