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Page from a Koran, approx. 1200–1300

Page from a Koran, approx. 1200–1300

Page from a Koran, approx. 12001300. Manuscript page; Ink, colors and gold on paper. Gift of Elton L. Puffer, 2004.65.A-.B. 


The elegance of the Arabic script seen on this page is typical of numerous Korans produced throughout the Islamic world. The Koran is Islam’s holy book, and the writing of its text has always been considered an act of great sanctity deserving of skillful and beautiful calligraphy. Because recitation of the Koran is of great importance in Islam, the text is divided into precise sections that are here marked by marginal decorations.

The verses on this page belong to Chapter 22 of the Koran, which deals with various subjects, including the Day of Judgment, the need for unwavering faith in Allah, and the importance of pilgrimage to Mecca.