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Bowl with Landscape, approx. 1600–1700

Bowl with landscape, approx. 1600–1700

Bowl with landscape, approx. 1600–1700. Iran. Glazed fritware with luster decoration. The Avery Brundage Collection, B60P1985.

Lusterware, a kind of ceramic with a highly prized but difficult to achieve iridescent sheen, had been made in Persia in the 1100s and 1200s. The techniques to produce it, however, fell into disuse and were revived only in the 1600s.

The later lusterwares appear to take inspiration from the goldpainted margins of contemporary manuscripts and lacquer book bindings. The glittering surfaces of the lusterware and their shapes similar to gold objects depicted in courtly miniature paintings suggest that later lusterware may have been produced for a clientele who aspired to the gold objects of the court but were unable to afford them due to a precious metals shortage.

On the foot ring of this dish are two holes for suspension, indicating the dish was probably displayed in a home.

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